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Ohio family law: Wedding debt may lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Family Law

Getting married is fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time. Couples in Ohio want their day to be perfect, which is understandable. For some, that will mean taking on debt to have the wedding party of their dreams. That may seem worth it at the time, but those in family law circles have found that nuptial debt can lead to divorce. 

Most people have debt of some sort. It seems to be a normal part of life these days for married couples. It is also the cause of numerous marital fights. Finances are often a touchy subject. It becomes even more so when money is beyond tight. 

Not all couples choose to take on wedding debt — those who do not are more likely to remain married. According to a recently conducted survey, only 9% of couples who chose not to take on nuptial debt end up considering divorce. On the flip side, 47% of couples who do go into debt for their weddings think about ending their marriages because of it. Debt causes fights and marital disharmony. Sometimes, it, alone, is enough to destroy a once-promising relationship. 

There is a lot about marriage that is difficult. Starting married life in debt because of wedding expenses certainly does not help things when times get tough. Marital debt does not always lead to divorce, but when it does, there may be concern about who is responsible for repayment. A family law attorney can assist those looking to end their marriages and seek settlement terms that are in line with Ohio divorce laws, and is also fair concerning who is to be responsible for any shared debt.