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Ohio family law: Divorce can get ugly

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Family Law

When a marriage comes to an end, it is normal to want the divorce process to be quick, painless and peaceful. Some Ohio couples are able to accomplish that while others are not. Divorce can get ugly for some couples — it is just a fact of life. Regardless if one’s dissolution is amicable or a mess, a family law attorney can help one through it.

An example of a marriage gone sour and a divorce getting out of hand was recently shared by a divorce attorney in another state. She has practiced for more than two decades and has pretty much seen it all. This particular case, though, was one of the worst she has ever experienced.

According to this attorney, a husband retained her services after his wife accused him of emotional abuse and stalking, sought a protective order and got him kicked out of their home. When he was eventually able to return to the residence, he found she had moved out and took the majority of their shared assets with her. The former couple came to terms on spousal support and child custody, but soon after she had a change of heart. She then fought for full custody, lifetime alimony and more than 50 percent of their shared assets.

Through some investigative work, it was found that the wife was making false claims against her husband in an effort to secure a better divorce settlement. The judge assigned to this case ultimately sided with the husband, granting him shared custody and more than half of the marital property. The judge also denied the other party’s request for alimony and ordered her to pay over $12,000 to cover her ex’s legal fees.

Through all of the ugly in the case discussed above, the client’s attorney stood by his side and helped him fight for a fair and balanced divorce settlement. Ohio residents can turn to a family law attorney when ending their marriages in order to receive similar support. Dissolving a marriage is challenging, but with the right help in one’s corner, one can work to achieve a settlement with which one is satisfied.