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Ohio family law: Is filing for divorce the right move?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Family Law

When a relationship is in a rocky place, it can be difficult to see how it could possibly get any better. Not all marriages work out, but that does not mean divorce is the only answer when dealing with a struggling relationship. How can Ohio residents be sure divorce is the right move? How can a family law attorney help those who are considering ending their marriages?

Every marriage has its problems. Couples fight. They disagree on money issues, lifestyle differences, intimacy expectations and how to raise their children — among a variety of other things. These disagreements are generally not enough to break up a marriage.

What generally leads to the end of a relationship is resentment and anger. When disagreements cannot be resolved, when one or both spouses cannot stand to be around the other, when one or both spouses decide they do not want to change, when there is nothing left but contempt and disgust for one’s partner, that is when divorce or separation might be the answer. Having such negative feelings toward one’s spouse can be difficult to overcome.

Is divorce the right move? At the end of the day, that is a personal decision that only the people in the relationship can make. If it feels right to them, then it is the right move. Ohio residents who choose to end their marriages can turn to a family law attorney who will be able to walk them through the divorce process and help them achieve fair and balanced settlements.