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Ohio family law: How to live with an ex

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Family Law

Every year, numerous Ohio couples choose to end their marriages. While many move out of the shared home and move on with their lives right away, there are others who continue living together until their divorces are finalized or well after that has occurred. Living with an ex is not necessarily easy, but sometimes, it is a necessity. With the assistance of a family law attorney, ground rules can be set to make the situation more manageable.

The first rule that will be discussed is: mind personal space. In a pre-divorce agreement or final dissolution agreement, it is possible to name personal space within a shared home. Usually, each party will be granted a bedroom that is off limits to the other party.

The second rule that will be discussed is: create and stick to a financial plan. Not only do former couples who still live together have to worry about shared expenses, but they also have to make their own financial plans. Legal counsel can help these couples figure out child support and alimony, and form a plan for how to address shared expenses. Personal financial goals should be set to help one leave this type of living arrangement as soon as possible — as it is usually meant to be a short-term arrangement.

Finally, the third and final rule that will be discussed is: keep communication civil. When living with an ex, talking to that person to discuss home or child issues is necessary. It is not always easy to keep things civil, unfortunately. If talking always or most often results in a fight, it is okay to find another way to communicate about family issues — such as putting the facts down in writing.

Ending a marriage is not an easy thing to do. Living with an ex when going through it, or even after the divorce is finalized, can make the situation harder with which to deal. Ohio residents who have found themselves in such positions can turn to a family law attorney for assistance drafting pre- and post-divorce agreements that set ground rules for former couples who are going to continue living together.