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Ohio family law: Out-of-state child support issues

Sometimes after divorce -- whether for work, new relationships, the need for support or the need to start over -- some people relocate out of state. If these individuals are ordered to pay child support or have orders to receive it, they may have questions about how an out-of-state move will affect those orders. The truth is, all states are required to uphold family law orders, even if they were granted in another state. So, child support orders issued in Ohio or elsewhere will still stand regardless of where each parent lives now or in the future.

What makes this possible? The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act allows states to enforce child support orders, regardless of where the orders were written. For those trying to collect support from a former spouse who relocated out of state, this means that they can seek enforcement assistance from the payer's new state of residence. A few enforcement options available include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Prosecution
  • Tax refund interception
  • Personal and professional license suspension

For those who are ordered to pay child support, they simply need to continue paying in the manner they always have. If they wish to seek support modifications, such requests will need to be filed in the state where the current order was written. Those who have any further concerns about child support can turn to legal counsel to get their questions answered.

Out-of-state child support issues can be somewhat complicated. Ohio residents who are dealing with a former spouse who left the state can turn to an experienced family law attorney for help addressing their child support concerns. With the right assistance, parents can take the rights steps to ensure their children continue receiving the financial support they require.

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