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Ohio family law courts may consider your child’s custody wishes

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Family Law

Divorce is hard on children. The way custody arrangements are set up can help make it a little easier for them to deal with how their family dynamic is changing. At some point, Ohio family law courts may even allow them to have a say in terms of who they want to live with.

Giving a child a say when it comes to custody matters is actually a big deal. Not all states offer this. Ohio does, but courts are very careful about when to allow a child’s wishes impact a custody outcome.

When is a child ready to voice his or her opinion and when might the court consider it? Every case is different because every child is different. If you have a child who shows maturity well beyond his or her age, the court may take his or her wants into consideration. If your child is capable of understanding the consequences of voicing his or her own custody decisions, the court may consider his or her wishes. In other words, it is not just about age.

An Ohio family law court will only approve a child custody plan if it is thought to serve the best interests of the child. Some children are not yet capable of determining what is best for them, but some are. If you wish to allow your child a say in the custody process, legal counsel may be able to help you make that happen. To learn more about how an experienced attorney may assist you with your child custody needs, please visit our firm’s website.