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Family law approach to divorce can affect timeline

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Family Law

Divorce: an issue that will strike numerous Ohio couples this year. When it does, it is understandable that both parties would want to get it over as quickly as humanly possible. Is there such a thing as a swift divorce? At the end of the day, the family law approach taken to address the matter can affect the divorce timeline. 

What are the different ways Ohio couples can get through the divorce process? The three most common ways are settlement negotiation, mediation and litigation. Settlement negotiations are often left to legal counsel. Each party tells their legal counsel what they want, and it is their attorney’s jobs to try and get that or at least work out terms with which each party can walk away satisfied. Depending on the issues at hand, this can result in a fast settlement or it can take a while. 

Mediation requires spouses to talk things out with a mediator present. Going this route requires each party to be open to negotiation. The benefits of mediation are that each party has a chance to voice his or her opinion; there are also time and money savings when going this route as well. 

Finally, litigation. Those who cannot come to agreeable terms via the other methods may find themselves fighting things out in front of a judge. It can take time to get a court hearing, and if any party is not happy with a judge’s decisions, the appeals process can take a while. 

No matter how divorce is ultimately approached, it can take months or years to reach a final settlement. Every couple is different. Every case has its unique issues. Ohio residents who are considering dissolving their marriages can turn to a family law attorney for counsel and assistance on the matter so that it can be finalized as swiftly as possible.