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Ohio criminal law: Man facing domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Criminal Law

An Ohio man is behind bars due to an alleged incident of domestic violence. Police arrested him on Wednesday, April 4, in Brookfield. This individual would likely benefit from the services of an experienced criminal law attorney as he works to fight his case in court.

According to a recent news report, police were called to the home of a 24-year-old male after a female called in an assault complaint. When authorities arrived at the home, they allegedly heard yelling and attempted to enter the residence. The accused initially refused to let them enter, but they eventually made their way inside. The victim claims that the accused began arguing with her earlier in the car and that he repeatedly struck her head — with his hands and a pizza — while she was operating the vehicle. Once home, the accused allegedly fought with a neighbor and then went inside and trashed the house.

The accused was arrested shortly after police arrived on scene. He was transported to the Trumbull County Jail. His first court hearing was scheduled for the following day. It is unclear if this individual has retained an attorney.

Domestic violence charges can carry stiff penalties in the state of Ohio if the prosecuting attorney is able to secure a conviction. Such penalties include jail time and fines — among various others. The accused in this case has denied assaulting the victim. He has every right to defend that stance in court with the assistance of a criminal law attorney.

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