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New family law trend: splitting up but staying together

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Family Law

The whole point of getting a divorce is to free oneself from a toxic relationship. Ohio couples who have tried to make their marriages work but who have been unsuccessful at doing so just want to move on with their lives. When children are involved, though, or finances are not in a good place, moving on may not be as easy as people think. This is why the new family law trend of splitting up but staying together is gaining traction. 

This concept is being showcased in a new television show on ABC. Splitting up Together follows the life of a couple who decides to divorce but remain living on the same property — each adult taking turns living in the house for a week, while the other stays in the garage apartment. They opted to do this for two reasons: it keeps the children in their home, and gives them time to pay down their mortgage and wait for a better time to sell.

Numerous couples find themselves in tough financial boats following divorce. When it comes to the marital home, the timing of divorce and the ability to sell the property do not always line up perfectly. Then, of course, there is trying to do what is best for the children. Keeping children in the family home and parents moving in and out — often referred to as bird nesting — is popular now as it gives children a greater sense of security compared to traditional custody schedules. 

Is splitting up but staying together to a degree the solution for everyone? No, though, some divorced couples can and do make it work — but it does take a lot of work. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal choice. Individuals in Ohio who are going through the divorce process can turn to a family law attorney to discuss all of their options for property division and custody arrangements. With help, the ideal settlement can be reached and a plan to move forward put in motion. 

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