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Ohio family law: Is mediation a good fit?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2018 | Family Law

The idea of going through a divorce may seem rather daunting. Movies and television make it seem like fighting things out in court is the norm — this is not true, however. Not everyone wants to or has to go that route. Ohio residents can utilize mediation, which is a family law alternative dispute resolution method that can save time and money, and put a couple in control.

For whom will mediation work? Mediation can work for any couple who is ready and willing to negotiate. This does not mean that both parties need to be prepared to end up with a settlement with which they are unhappy. It just means that a little give-and-take may be required to reach a settlement both parties feels is fair.

Not a divorce law expert? No worries. Each party has the right to have legal counsel present during mediation sessions, or they can seek legal advice between sessions and before signing anything. A mediator will always be present to keep negotiations going and to offer legal clarification on certain matters.

Mediation is for those Ohio couples who want to feel some sense of control over the divorce process. Those who end up going to court are at the mercy of the court. A family law attorney can provide more information about this topic for those who are interested in learning more about it. Further assistance on getting the process started and getting through it, while achieving a fair and balanced agreement, can also be provided.

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