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Ohio family law: Fail to pay child support, go to jail

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Family Law

Ever wonder what happens to parents who fail to financially support their children? One man in another state found that not meeting his child support obligation has criminal consequences. This is a family law enforcement option in place to keep support-paying parents in Ohio and elsewhere accountable.

According to a recent report, the father is accused of failing to fully pay child support owed over the course of 12 years. He is said to have made inconsistent payments from 2005 until early 2011. His ex claims that payments then stopped completely after that time frame.

This individual was arrested in May 2017, and a judge just recently ruled his case. He received a suspended jail term of five years and probation of five years. During his time on probation, he is expected to pay his ex just over $38,000 in back child support. Failure to abide by the terms set could result in incarceration.

Parents in Ohio and elsewhere who are ordered to pay child support may have a number of reasons for not meeting their obligations. At the end of the day, though, unless one seeks an order adjustment or cancellation, a family court judge will expect them to pay up on time. Those who don’t could face criminal charges or a number of other consequences, just like the individual in the case mentioned above. Do not let a family law matter become a criminal one. An experienced attorney can help those who are failing to meet their support obligations in seeking modifications or order cancellations, if doing so is deemed appropriate.

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