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Criminal law: Man wanted for crime arrested out of state

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Criminal Law

A Warren man wanted for secretly recording people in a tire shop bathroom has been arrested in another state. Police are still working on gathering evidence before they officially file charges against him and begin the process of having him brought back to Ohio for prosecution. If or when that happens, this individual will have the right to retain a criminal law attorney of his choosing to help him fight the charges in court.

According to a recent news report, roughly seven people were allegedly recorded while using the restroom at Bones Tires. One of the victims claims that when she and her family confronted the accused — a 55-year-old male and close family friend — he left the premises in her vehicle and hasn’t been seen since. This reportedly happened in December.

The accused was picked up by police in North Carolina and charged with the possession of a stolen automobile. He is currently in custody. It is unclear if court dates regarding the stolen vehicle charge have been scheduled. There is no timeline as to when the accused may be brought back to Ohio.

The accusations in this case are enough to negatively affect the life of the accused, even without a conviction. If convicted, things could get even worse for him with consequences that may include jail or prison time and significant fines — among others. This man can help himself and his case when the time comes by turning to a skilled criminal law attorney who will do everything to help him fight the charges at hand in an Ohio criminal court and seek the best outcome possible.

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