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3 suffer personal injury in wreck

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Personal Injury

Police in Ohio are investigating the cause of a crash that left three people injured. This incident occurred in Lancaster. The victims of this crash may be entitled to pursue personal injury claims against the driver deemed responsible.

According to a recent report, on Wednesday, Dec. 6, an individual operating a pickup truck was driving his or her vehicle in the area of Carroll Eastern Road and Election House Road when he or she ran a stop sign and struck another car. A man and a woman were in the impacted vehicle, and both suffered injuries. The female is said to have suffered critical injuries and was flown to a hospital in Columbus for treatment. The male was transported to an area hospital for the care of unspecified injuries.

The driver of the pickup was also hurt in the wreck. This individual is expected to recover. At this time, authorities have not indicated if any criminal charges will be filed in this case.

When out on the road, the actions of a distracted driver can change one’s life in a second. In this particular case, both of the victims may be entitled to pursue civil actions against the responsible party in order to seek to recover their losses. Personal injury claims that are successfully litigated in an Ohio civil court may result in the victims receiving monetary judgments for all documented losses that are deemed recoverable in accordance with state laws. The losses may be economic or non-economic in nature — such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among various others.

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