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Ohio family law: The traditional divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Family Law

What does a traditional divorce look like? In the realm of family law, is there only one way to approach the divorce process? These are both great questions that many couples in Ohio who are considering ending their marriages may have.

The traditional divorce process goes like this: one spouse files for divorce, the other responds to the complaint, a final agreement is reached. Sounds really simple, right? It can be for some, but for others it can get pretty complicated, especially if the case ends up going to trial.

Most divorce cases are settled through private negotiations. This keeps the matter out of court and just involves each party and their attorneys. Every case is different, but some negotiations can drag on for some time as there is a lot of back and forth and then the need to give time for each party to respond.

As traditional divorce can take longer than some people would like, there are alternative methods such as collaborative divorce or mediation. Each of these puts a couple in a room together to hash things out. This can get the ball moving much faster, ultimately saving time and money.

Unfortunately, for some, going to trial cannot be avoided. That is okay. This does not have to be such a negative thing. Sometimes, couples simply cannot agree and they need a judge to make a final decision on things like custody, support or property.

Those seeking divorces in Ohio can turn to a family law attorney to assist them in getting through the divorce process that works for them. There is no saying what exactly that is until one gets into it. Whether through private negotiations, alternative dispute resolution or trial, with help it is possible to walk away from one’s marriage with a fair settlement.

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