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Ohio family law: The shared custody debate

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2017 | Family Law

Going through a divorce with children involved is challenging. Figuring out the right child custody agreement is difficult and often a source of conflict. The shared custody issue is one that many parents and members of the Ohio family law community often debate. Is shared custody better or worse than sole custody?

At the end of the day, to answer this question one has to look at his or her own familial situation. There are reasons that sole custody is necessary — such as in cases where abuse, neglect or addictions are issues. But there also many children who have been placed in sole custody arrangements who would benefit from shared custody.

As it currently stands, according to a recent study, 80 percent of custody cases result in one parent receiving sole custody. This is due to courts believing that this will reduce parent conflict and put the children in a more stable environment. The same study suggests that in numerous cases this is a mistake. It is believed that children tend to thrive better when given access to both parents.

So, which type of custody arrangement is better? It all depends on individual circumstances, as what works for some families is not necessarily the best for others. There are a lot of positives to shared custody, but there are some negative aspects as well. The same can be said for any type of custody arrangement. With the assistance of a family law attorney, those in Ohio who are going through the divorce process can review all of the their options for child custody and fight for the custody plan that they feel will best serve their children.

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