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Ohio family law: A quickie divorce may sound tempting, but…

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | Family Law

When couples in Ohio or elsewhere are ready to end their marriages, getting the divorce process over with as swiftly as possible sounds really tempting. Who wouldn’t want to just sign the papers and move on, right? There are issues that come with a quickie divorce, however. With the assistance of a family law attorney, one can get through this difficult part of his or her life as quickly as possible and avoid some of the problems that can accompany a rushed dissolution process.

Dissolving one’s marital union does not have to take forever, but it is always wise to slow down and consider the consequences of rushing through it. One of the biggest issues that accompanies a quickie divorce is a bad financial settlement. Just signing anything could result in one spouse paying through the nose in order to appease his or her ex or one party getting less than what he or she is legally entitled to receive.

Another glaring issue with quickie divorces is the need to go back to court to fix any messes. This results in wasted time and money. There are also no guarantees that requests to modify any part of a dissolution settlement will be granted.

There are other issues with rushing through the divorce process, but these are the ones that can affect a person well after the union has officially ended. Taking one’s time and going through all the little details will help to prevent a lot of problems down the road. Those in Ohio who are ready to dissolve there marriages can turn to a family law attorney to help them get it done right.

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