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Expungements That Clear Your Criminal Record And Help You To Pass Background Checks

Expungements and record sealings are effective legal methods of erasing past criminal charges — the primary impediments when a person with a criminal background applies for employment, housing or security clearances.

If you have an assault charge or theft charge in your past, for example, and you want to be free of the stain it has placed on your record, we can help — at the experienced criminal defense law firm of John D. Smith Co., L.P.A., in Springboro, Ohio.

Our knowledgeable criminal law attorneys have decades of experience with successful handling of expungements and sealing a criminal record for clients throughout the state. We consult with you to find out your goals, draft the necessary documentation and actively advocate for you, start to finish.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys — Diverse Practice — Personal Attention

If you are ready to put the past behind you, and want to learn more about how an expungement can pave the way, contact our lawyers to arrange your initial consultation. Call 937-557-0128 or send an email message.